This is the list of stuff I use to do my work and get other stuff done around the computer. If you want to see more lists like this, check out


I work on a ThinkPad T590 laptop with a USB-C dock and a dual monitor setup for when I'm in my office. I use a mechanical Das Keyboard Model S and a simple Logitech M500 mouse.



After a lifetime of being a predominantly Windows user I have recently switched over to Linux Mint as my daily driver and development environment and could not be happier. I still have Windows 10 but I find myself booting to it only when I need to do .NET work or use Photoshop or Lightroom for my photos.


I use Firefox. Not because it is better in any significant technical way than Chrome and other browsers (although it is not worse either), but because I am old enough to remember what a for-profit company being in control of a browser with over 90% market share brought us last time around. I believe in privacy and an open web. If this sort of stuff is important to you and you're on Chrome out of habit, consider switching.

Design and Graphics

  • Adobe Photoshop is probably the first piece of "real" software I learned to use
  • Figma for most of my UI design work
  • Balsamiq I don't use as much since moving to Figma, but it can be useful for rough mockups occasionally
  • Fontbase because I try to pretend I can keep my font collection in some kind of order
  • Inkscape for when I have to screw around wtih vectors
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic for managing and editing my photos
  • Blender is something I'm only starting to learn to use


  • VS Code for the majority of my coding
  • Postman for messing around with APIs
  • MAMP Pro as a local development environment for PHP/MySQL


  • Total Commander because I am still one of those people
  • Filezilla for when I need to use FTP
  • Duplicati for backups
  • Toggl for time tracking
  • Joplin for keeping notes (it replaced Evernote for me but it's not perfect)
  • Obsidian for long term storage of information
  • Feedbin for keeping up with RSS feeds


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